Build Dat-Powered Apps

Applications of the Future

The Dat protocol puts powerful data distribution into the hands of any app developer. With full Javascript implementation, Dat integrates easily into the browser or with Electron. Start building today using dat-node for filesystem applications or hypercore for distributed streams.

Dat is a new p2p hypermedia protocol. It provides public-key- & sha256-addressed file archives which can be synced securely and browsed on-demand. Dat supports streaming updates and partial on-demand replication, and has plans for versioned URLs and efficient compaction.

Learn more about Dat in the documentation or whitepaper .


Applications such as Dat Desktop , the Beaker Browser, and ScienceFair are creating new ways to share information & interact online.

  • Beaker Browser - Beaker is using Dat to rethink the web browser. It is a peer-to-peer browser with tools to create and host websites. You can also access any Dat as easy as opening a web page.
  • ScienceFair - the open source p2p desktop science library that puts users in control. ScienceFair uses Dat to distribute papers and metadata.