Contribute to Dat

Build Public Data Infastructure

We are bringing together developers, librarians, writers, designers, scientists, and cool cats to create a new type of public infastructure. By creating tools to build and share peer-to-peer data, we aim to bring to data a style of collaboration similar to what Git brings to source code.

Dat is designed as a general-purpose tool for any distributed data, with our main focus being scientific data publishing and archiving. Dat is fully open source and is built using JavaScript, Node.js and Electron.

The Dat ecosystem is open source and open to contributors. Dat is authored in Javascript, and is split into reusable, self-contained modules Our projects are module-driven and open open source .


Visit to learn more about Dat. We also have a whitepaper on the Dat protocol. Find lots of cool Dat modules on the Awesome Dat page.


We have a public chatroom on IRC. Head to to start reading and for instructions to where to join.

If you have questions or want pointers on where to jump in, our chat is the place to go. Most of the core Dat team is avaiable during west coast US working hours.